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I was shopping around for a compact front derailleur for a 1-1/8 seat tube (steel). Turns out it's hard to find a clamp-on compact FD in this size. I ended up ordering an FSA C16 (aka Gossamer) which claimed to fit multiple sizes and now I see it comes with a hard plastic shim to make up the difference between the 1-1/4" clamp and the 1-1/8" seat tube.

My knee jerk reaction was that I didn't want a plastic shim anywhere on my bike, both aesthetically and with a suspicion that is might allow the derailleur clamp to creep over time as the plastic settles. Should I be concerned?

The flip side is it's also getting harder to find an FD clamp sized 1-1/8". There are some large honkin' ugly ones like the one in my drawer. The IRD clamp is elegant but hard to find and it doesn't meet the minimum order amount on their website...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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