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Relocating to NE Ohio

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Looks like I'll soon be working in Cleveland, Ohio. Not really interested in living downtown, I'm thinking more like a 20-30 minute commute to the city. Anyone have any tips for someone out-of-state on any areas to look at? Will probably rent for a year until I can get a better idea of the area. Any road clubs or group rides in and around there? Or areas with less busy roads for long training rides?
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First off, welcome. CLE is a great city with better suburbs.

Each side of town (West, East, South) has a different feel depending what you are looking for. Strictly for riding reasons, the south suburbs are great due to close proximity to the MetroParks and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Metroparks has a 60ish mile loop around the CLE area and it connects to the Towpath in the CVNP that goes from downtown to Canton (100+ miles of paved path and gravel).

That being said, I live on the West side of town and have no issues finding good roads for rides, including the MetroParks. I work on the East side and there is a little more traffic until you get further out, where it becomes very hilly.

There are many cycling clubs in the area. Spin Bike in Lakewood has some large group rides and sells high end bikes. Century Cycles has shops south/west/and on the towpath in Penninsula and are very well regarded, just to name a couple.

PM me if you have any more questions.

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It's funny that I moved away from that area four months ago. Love Cleveland but glad I missed their winter.

Join (free). There are a couple of cycling groups in that area and some for any other hobbies/interests you may have.
I've joined 4 groups here (Albuquerque) so far and have met many people and made a few good friends already.
Feel free to PM me. Born and raised west sider here but I can probably help you out a bit. I race for Spin so I'm pretty ingrained in their thing. Great shop and the Weds night rides are fantastic. A through D groups so pick your poison. There's also a crit race every Tuesday out in Westlake (A and B groups) so if you like racing, you have a weekly option. Welcome, and have fun learning your new home town!
I'm looking forward to trying some road racing in 2016, but I'm not finding to many events in the Cleveland metro area? I found a race calendar on, but most events seem like they're scattered around the state. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Are there any road events in and around the Cleveland area? It does seem like there is a nice cyclocross series in the area during the fall season.
The CX series is fantastic! Really well run, great courses, great people. The road race scene is sparse. On Tuesday nights, there is a weekly crit race in Westlake right off of I90. Each week adds a lap until we hit close to 60miles. There's two fields and both are open to anyone. The A race is basically a CAT 1/2/3, the B race is like a 4/5 race. Lots of "fun" and great training. Outside of that, there are a number of races within an hour or less of downtown that are worth checking out. The RATL series is only about 30-40mins away, the Smith's Dairy Milk race is about 45mins. If you extend that to 2hrs, there's a ton from eastern MI, to Columbus, to western PA. USA cycling is a great spot for some these.
The Strava Heat Map shows 18 months of recorded rides. The most popular roads are red, less popular but still biked a lot are blue. Areas with more local bike riders will tend to be colored in more, of course.

As you zoom in, more roads will get colored in. The URL changes as you pan and zoom, so you can save that view as a bookmark.

Cleveland area Heat Map

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