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Rumors myth and legend abound about the compatibility or lack thereof between shimano and campy components. I'm reporting my experience.

Purpose: To turn 105 s speed DT shifting bike to STI/Ergo

Shimano 105 7 speed R. Der
Shimano 105 F Der
Shimano 105 hub and cassette
Chain Unknown
Cables shimano compatible brand unknown
Veloce 8 speed ergo power shifters

After installing shifters and cables, no conversion method was used <ie hubbub or shiftmate) Rear shifting is acceptable to good Front shifting is good

Conculsion: Both shimano 7 speed and campy 8 use 5mm cog spacing for the rear cassette witch sets up a sitution for success. The different cable pull ratios doesn't seem to have a major effect as of yet.

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That is correct. Cog spacing on Shimano 7-speed is 5 mm. When Shimano went to 8-speed they changed the spacing to 4.8 mm. Interesting huh!! Although I'm still in the learning stage of cross compatibility between Campy and Shimano, I've learned a few things. For instance, when I switched to Campy Record 8-speed DT shifters (Synchro 2), they indexed just fine with my Shimano "600" 8-speed derailleur and cassette. The cog spacing on this cassette should be 4.8 mm, but the campy shifters still indexed good. I think the reason is my "600" derailleur's top pulley is undoubtedly the free floating kind, therefore helping it "index" better.
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