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I am ~200lbs, ride ~100 miles a week, 2-3 centuries a year and a handful of charity rides on an '04 Lemond Buenos Aires. I need new wheels and am looking for sturdy and fast.

The things I'm pretty sure on are...
White Industries H2 Hubs
Mavic Open Pro Rims
Sapim CX Ray spokes

What I'm not sure about are...
What hole counts should I be considering?
And has anyone had success/headache with


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32 spokes on the back and 24 on the front are the minimums that I would recommend based upon doing a lot of reading.

I would suggest Colorado Cyclist except that I don't think they offer White Industries hubs.

I have White Industries because of buying used and getting them half priced. They are noisier than Shimanos.

If you want to purchase from CC, I would recommend a pair Mavic of CXP-33's or alternatively a DT Swiss 1.1 front with either a double eyelet 1.1 or 1.2 rear on Shimano Ultegra hubs. 24/32 spoke counts. The Shimanos are cheaper, quieter, will roll forever and last as long. In additon they are extremely easy to maintain. I have some Shimano 600 hubs on my backup bike and just recently realized how much I loved them when I had to ride it while my primary bike wheels were being repaired.That is what I would do if I were purchasing new over the internet.

I replaced the Aerohead O/C rear rim that came on my used build purchase with a Velocity Deep V because the White Industries 28-hole hub broke and the rim was developing small cracks around the eyelets. Even though I purchased it used WI replaced the LTA shell with an H2 shell. The Deep V is a great looking rim and matches the Aerohead front. If WI had no warranted the hub I was going to replace it with a 32-hole hub. I have been assured the Deep V with a 28 hole will hold up. I consulted the original builder before I purchased the used wheels and he thought I would be okay with a 28-hole O/C. Since then he has changed his Aerohead O/C builds to put less stress on the hubs and WI has beefed up their hubs. The O/C rim lasted reasonably long and was a great riding rim. But the Deep V rides well also.

Based upon looks and experience, I think my ultimate build would be a pair of Deep V's on Ultegra hubs.
The morale: Don't skimp on rim strength and spoke count if you are a Clydesdale like me.
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