Reserve is expanding its wheel line once again. This time, the carbon wheel brand is delving deeper into gravel cycling with a lightweight wheelset designed for aggressive drop bar riding. The new 25|GR wheels feature a wide profile, narrow depth, and low weight that should make gram counters happy. I spent two months riding and racing this wheelset and came away impressed with its ride quality but questioning its positioning in the increasingly competitive gravel market.

Reserve 25|GR Gravel Wheelset Highlights
  • Built for gravel riding and racing
  • Internal rim width: 25mm
  • Rim depth: 18mm
  • Sizes Available: 700c
  • Recommended Tire Widths: 30-50mm
  • Spoke Count: 24
  • Laced to Industry Nine 1|1 road hubs
  • Wheelset Weight: 1,358g
  • MSRP: $1,599
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available now
  • For more info: Reserve 25|GR
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The Reserve 25|GR is light and compliant over rough gravel roads.

The Reserve 25|GR is the third wheel in Reserve's gravel quiver. This new wheelset sits alongside the Reserve 22|GR and 32|GR. Much like gravel cycling itself, Reserve's naming conventions blur in this category, with the 22|GR and 25|GR wheelsets using numbers to designate their internal rim widths, like the brand's mountain bike wheels, while the 24mm-wide Reserve 32|GR uses "32" to denote its depth, like the Reserve's road wheels.

The 25mm internal width of the Reserve 25|GR will accommodate 30mm road tires up to high-volume 50mm gravel tires. While some road and gravel wheelsets have followed mountain bike technology with hookless beads, the 25|GR features what the company calls a "semi-hooked bead." In hand, it looks and feels like a standard hooked bead. This is likely a hedge against riders who might run non-tubeless tires on these rims, which is a non-starter for high-pressure hookless road rims.

The rims are quite shallow, measuring just 18mm deep. There are also external reinforcements around the 24 spoke holes to add strength where it's needed most. Like Reserve's mountain bike rims, these hoops feature an asymmetric design, with the front rim offset toward the disc-side and the rear rim offset toward the drive-side. According to Reserve, this approach yields a stronger, stiffer, and longer-lasting wheel by improving the bracing angle and evening out spoke tension between the non-drive and drive-side spokes.

Another nod to longevity is Reserve's category-leading warranty. If you're the original owner and damage or destroy your rim while riding, Reserve will repair or replace it. Click here for the full warranty description.

Reserve 25|GR Review - Ridden and Raced
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I tested the Reserve 25|GR on my Niner RLT 9 RDO as well as the Allied ECHO shown here.

I spent two months testing the Reserve 25|GR wheels on gravel roads and singletrack trails. Setting up tubeless tires on these rims was painless. It didn't matter which tires I was seating — Panaracer Gravel Kings, Specialized S-Works Pathfinders, WTB Ventures, or the new Schwalbe G-One RS — every tire I tested went on without too much hassle and popped into place with a reassuring "snap" at moderate pressures. Credit here goes to the Fillmore valves, which allow for three times the airflow of traditional Presta valves, and come stock on all Reserve wheelsets.
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Reserve's Fillmore valves make seating stubborn tubeless tires much easier.

These shallow rims appear to borrow a page from the company's cross-country wheels, which feature a similar profile and a slightly wider, 28mm internal width. The rim profile results in a noticeable amount of vertical compliance on rough and choppy gravel roads. The Reserve 25|GR does a great job of absorbing high-frequency chatter from rocks and braking bumps.

If there's a downside to this wheelset, it's the fact that gravel cycling is becoming more competitive, and many customers looking for a wheel upgrade are eyeing deeper-profile aero wheelsets, such as those offered by ENVE, Hunt, Roval, and ZIPP. All of these wheelsets feature 25mm internal widths with aero profiles to save watts during endurance gravel events. That's not the target for the 25|GR; it's a classic, box-section rim trying to make its way in an increasingly aero world.

Reserve states this wheelset is designed for "Ginduro-style gravel." So if you treat your gravel bike like a mountain bike, the 25|GR might be up your alley. It's likely to see wide spec on Santa Cruz' gravel grinder, the Stigmata, which also leans more toward the fun and rowdy end of the gravel spectrum.

Reserve 25|GR Bottom Line
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The Reserve 25|GR isn't aero, but it is strong and light.

The Reserve 25|GR wheelset is comfortable, spins up speed quickly, and adds liveliness to any gravel bike it's mounted to. Reserve's competition offers better options for serious gravel racing, but this brand still leads the pack when it comes to warranty support. If you're looking for a light, sturdy, and comfortable gravel wheelset and aren't bothered by what's fastest in a wind tunnel, the Reserve 25|GR is worth a try.