Specialized and Retül this morning announced they've entered a partnership. The Morgan Hill based Specialized is investing in the Boulder, Colorado-based Retül in what is described as a collaboration to develop future bike fitting technology and tools to enhance rider experience.

"We are committed to continually finding new ways to make cycling more performance-oriented." Said Sean Estes of Specialized, "The combination of the Specialized BodyGeometry Fit method and Retül tools will even better aid skilled fitters in determining a rider's ideal position."

Retül currently delivers extensive fits using a three-dimensional motion capture system, using a dunamic adjustable fit bike. The strategic investment from Specialized should allow them to continue refining their system and expand development on other technologies to help enhance the riding experience.

For Specialized, it opens up new opportunities for current and future BodyGeometry Fit Centers to add Retül fitting tools to their quiver of tools.

Official Press Release Below-
Retül accepts Specialized investment to expand technology development

Boulder, CO: Retül, a Boulder, CO based company who delivers a three- dimensional motion-capture system, dynamic adjustable fit bike, as well as several other tools used by bike fitters worldwide, is excited to announce that they have accepted a strategic investment from Specialized Bicycles. The goal is to collaborate and develop future bicycle fitting technology and tools, and to make cycling more comfortable to more riders worldwide.

One of the Retül co-founders, Todd Carver, contributed to the early development of Specialized's BodyGeometry Fit curriculum that is now taught globally to Specialized dealers. Carver eventually joined forces with Cliff Simms and Franko Vatterott, and launched a portable bike fit specific 3D motion capture system which became Retül in November 2007.

"We see our technology and tools as extremely complementary to the BodyGeometry Fit method," Carver stated. "Our fitting concepts come from the same genesis, and our tools provide information skilled fitters use in determining a rider's position; it is an easy integration for those trained in BodyGeometry. In fact, many Specialized dealers already use Retül in their fitting services. This partnership may well encourage even more BodyGeometry Fit Centers to add this technology to their quiver of tools. But it's important to note that Retül's technology and University courses will remain independent and available for all."

Retül has never been nor will become bike brand specific, which allows riders the option to have a quality dynamic fitting experience at variety of locations, even outside the cycling industry. For example, Retül systems can even be found in fit studios and physical therapy practices. Retül University staff monitors their fitters each year, and only those that submit accurate fitting reports that meet their company's standards are listed as certified dealers on the Retül website.

Retül and Specialized will continue to serve riders' needs along separate paths; however, Retül will enjoy having access to the advice and resources this investment brings to help deliver new technology to market.

"We are extremely pleased to collaborate with Retül," said Mike Sinyard, CEO of Specialized Bicycle Components. "We were impressed with the latest technology and their profitable and debt-free business model, and we see this investment enabling them to further expand their impact on the fitting industry and support and strengthen all IBD's through offering fitting services."

Dr. Andy Pruitt, who mentored Todd Carver at the Boulder Center of Sports Medicine, sees the products as a huge step forward to delivering a BCSM level fitting experience to riders at retail. Andy adds, "Of course, they are also just tools - the skill and knowledge of the fitter is still extremely critical."
Together both companies can support the riders' needs in ways that could not be done individually. Specialized's dealer education program (SBCU) will be instrumental in training Specialized dealers who wish to integrate Retül technology and tools into their BodyGeometry Fit Centers and fitting protocol. Retül-U will continue offering dynamic fitting course and training on how to use their technology and fit tools to dealers that do not carry Specialized.

Retül recently consolidated its operation into a new building in Central Boulder. The office houses the entire company from manufacturing and distribution to Retül University. Additionally, they have just taken over the remainder of the ground level in preparation for future expansion. "We now have the opportunity to grow at a faster pace than we could have alone, and we have a lot of new ideas we'll now be able to realize and put into action," said Retül co-founder Franko Vatterott.