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Hello everyone,
First off-this is an excellent forum full of lots of great advice from dedicated folks who are obviously passionate about the sport. I can't think of a better way to get motivated than by reading many of your posts. Kudos!
I was an avid recreational cyclist as a teenager and college student, but then I graduated, started working got married, had kids, and just basically got busy with life (sound familiar?). Goodbye biking.
Now here I am, 40, out of shape with no legs or lungs. The only thing going for me is I'm slim ("a fat man trapped in a skinny man's body").
I really want to get back into the sport. I live in a small town which has an active cycling club, and I am on the brink of shelling out some cash for a nice bike (time to treat myself), and I need to get started.
My concern is that its a little intimidating to just 'join in' with the local club when I'm pretty sure I lack the skills and stamina to keep up. Do you have any tips or ideas on how to integrate myself back into the sport, then maybe into a club?
My own thoughts are to spend perhaps the rest of this summer getting used to bike, saddle and clipless pedals by myself, while getting some easy miles in. Any advice on how to build up a base ?
Or should I just show up at the first Tuesday night club ride??
Vague questions, I know, but I think you get my drift-I really want to make a successful start to this, feel confident, and be inspired and motivated to keep it up.

Thanks very much.


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It is hard to know without knowing the personality of your club. Coming to a group ride with poor group riding/handling skills plus out-of-shape could get you dropped off the back and an unhappy outsider in some clubs, while others will be happy to help bring you along in your cycling.

First, see if your club has a "C" or beginner ride option now and then. Most do. If not, send an email (or make a call to the ride leader) and tell him/her what you've told us and encourage them to be candid. Knowledge is power!

Good luck.

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This is why putting your location in your public profile is a good idea as then people will be able to chime in that may have location specific info. ;)

If I was you at least for the first couple of weeks while you get back into the swing of things I would try to find a local easy ride, preferrably a short loop where you can practice and then once you ahve the basics down pat then seek out a group to ride with.

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ericm979 said:
Spending the summer "just riding" sounds like a good idea. Don't worry about training, just go ride. When you're ready to join in on club rides, you'll know.

Thats pretty much what I did when I got back into cycling at age 44. I bought a $35 yard sale Fuji and rode around by myself. Within weeks I was riding to neighboring towns having a good time. Months later, after seeing how serious I was with bike riding, I bought my first high end road bike. I still ride solo, being more of a lone wolf, but I ride more than 2000 miles a year. Just yesterday my odometer clicked over 9000 miles I've ridden since September 2001.

If you don't feel like doing the club scene, just ride solo for a while, but keep on riding. Without even knowing it you'll get stronger and faster, and be able to ride longer than you ever did before. Stay on the RBR forums and participate in our rather unorthodox discussions and you'll be golden. :D
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