Element Case delivers some trick and customizable bike cases.

Element Case Rogue Side Plate is Made CNC'd.

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The phone, has quickly become an indispensible tool for cycling. It serves the call of ride logging duties, camera, POV video, social, communication and emergency needs. But how does one protect it or mount it?

The Element Case Rogue addresses some of those needs as it provides a sleek and protective armor for the iPhone 5. It isolates the phone with rubber dampers without making it bulky. It provides access to the control buttons that are easy to operate and give good feedback. The phone is easier to grip and handle even with gloves or in slippery conditions.

Element Case Rogue and Mounts.

Best of all really is it looks good. The materials, fit and finish of these cases are similar to Race Face or Chris King Components. Design and machining is incredible and there's some customization available with colors and labels.

Product Highlights:

  • For iPhone 5/5s
  • Rugged, compact design protects all sides of your iPhone
  • Chassis constructed of shock absorbing TPU and polycarbonate polymers
  • Additional rear protection provided by aerospace grade carbon fiber
  • Extreme side protection provided by CNC machined T6061 aluminum
  • Belt clip/viewing stand included
  • Designed in California by active designers and engineers
  • MSRP: $99.95

Element Case Rogue Back.


Installing the case on the iPhone reveals the quality and design of this component. All the machining of the aluminum and the molding of the plastics is absolutely dialed. It is really quite a revelation to see how well protected the phone is in this compact package.

Element Case Rogue Components.

Another great revelation is that the phone becomes much easier to grip and handle when in the case. The case has contours and textures that fit the hand really well, so pulling the phone out of your pocket to take a photo doesn't need to be delicate and precise exercise. The buttons too are awesome, as they are big and they deliver a very good tactile feel when pressed.


Of course, there are downsides as the case is $100 in base configuration. It just goes up from there as you add customization or add mounts which are typically $30 each. This is not the end of the world if it's a long term investment. But as phones change, this case will become obsolete just like all other phone cases. The mounts however are modular so they will work with the next generation of phone cases.

And the other downside is there's no waterproofing with this case. So keep it dry or experience the curse of moisture in your phone's electronics.

Element Case Rogue Holder and Stand.


Several mounts are available and they are world class. The car mount is cool, but some real thought has been given to the bike mounts. The founder, Jeff Sasaki did a bit of work in the bike industry with companies like Fox Clothing, then his own design firm with noteable protective gear clients. So a lot of thought has been given to the bike mounts. In fact, they sent us three options, a C-clamp, a bar mount and a stem mount. All worked flawlessly in our installation and test rides.

Element Case Rogue Glass Mount:
  • Surface Mount
  • Suction cup mount
  • Articulating arm support
  • Case retention strap
  • Fuse Blok mounting adapter
  • $29.95

Element Case Rogue Handlebar Mount:
  • Zip Mount
  • Adjustable secure mounting clamp
  • Case retention strap
  • Fuse Blok mounting adapter
  • $27.95

Element Case Rogue Universal Quick Release Clamp:
  • Clamp Mount
  • Quick release mounting clamp
  • Case retention strap
  • Fuse Blok mounting adapter
  • $29.95

Element Case Rogue Top Cap Mount:
  • Bike Mount - Top Cap
  • Bicycle headset top cap
  • Case retention strap
  • Fuse Blok mounting adapter
  • $27.95
Continue reading for info on the Element Case Sector and full photo gallery.

Element Case Sector

Another case available is the Sector. It is not a really a case for bike mounting, but it is a cool case and it showcases the capabilities of Element Case. They customized one for us and set us a sample.

The Sector 5™ is the thinnest and lightest case in our rugged line. Its ultra-sleek profile comes from a CNC machined aluminum perimeter frame. With our highly refined CNC process and trussed Multi-link™ design, maximum rigidity and strength are maintained while weighing only 16 grams! Starting at $139.95.

Element Case Sector Installed Back View.
  • Fits iPhone 5/5s
  • Ultra-slim CNC machined aluminum perimeter frame
  • Customizable Ultrasuede® back plate
  • Multi-link design for easy installation
  • Large, easy access control openings
  • Optional Fuse Dek™ mount systems (sold separately)

Element Case Sector External Carrying Case.

For more information visit www.elementcase.com.