Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer - MSRP $570

What is it: Nobody likes trainers cause they are boring! But when the weather turns for the worse, they are a necessary evil if one has goals of improving or maintaining any kind of fitness. Trainers are very rigid and don't feel natural at all as all the side to side movement when riding a real bike is eliminated. In addition, more stress is put on the body and the bike since all the lateral motion has to be absorbed by both body and bike.

Kurt Kinetic aims to solve this woe by allowing some lateral and up and down movement in the Rock n Roll trainer. It accomplishes this with adjustable rubber dampers on the trainer platform. Furthermore, they designed an optional front wheel riser block that is free to rotate with the front wheel. This adds to the more realistic feel of this trainer as the handlebar exhibits some rotational movement, just as in a real bike ride

Video: Here is a glimpse of the trainer's motion and sound level. Note the rotating riser ring that allows the handlebar and front wheel to move freely

[*]The trainer is indeed more realistic and fun to ride and the amount of movement is adjustable
[*]Less stress on the bike and on the body joints
[*]Still very stable because of the wide and solid base
[*]Quiet and smooth
[*]Allows for longer workouts since they are more dynamic specially when pedaling out of saddle
[*]Completely sealed resistance units minimizes any chance of leaking after long term use
[*]The rotating riser ring is ingenious and can be used with other trainer brands
[*]Heavy flywheel for a realistic pedaling feel

[*]Big, heavy and not portable with a four foot wingspan
[*]Rear wheel can hit the ground with bigger tires or wheel sizes than standard road bikes
[*]Side to side movement may be annoying or not necessary for some riders

RoadBikeReview Take: If you have the floor space and the money, this may be a good option. It's definitely a better riding experience than most of the trainers available today. It's not quite the pedaling action of a Lemond Revolution trainer or the balancing sensation of rollers. But it does make the dull hours on the trainer more dynamic.

If you have reservations or already have your own trainer, consider the Turntable Riser Ring by Kurt Kinetic for $40. It's a great value and can enhance the experience on any trainer by allowing freedom of movement for the hand front wheel..

4.5 of 5

Price: $570

More Info: kurtkinetic.com/

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