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The Pactimo Women's Summit Raptor Bibshorts and Summit Jersey.

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You're looking for a women's kit with technical fabric that provides excellent fit, comfort, support - and looks good, too.


Two members of the RoadBikeReview Women's Test Team put Pactimo's jersey/bibshorts combination through its paces this spring, and both came away impressed, especially with the Summit Raptor bibshorts. "They are functional, sleek and stylish," said one tester. "They were comfortable from the moment I put them on all the way to the end of a four-hour ride."

"They strike a delicate balance of providing great support without being too tight," said our other tester.

Bibshort fit also got high marks. Straps provide ample coverage and support "without any complicated buckles and hooks", and the wide leg band is "comfortable and stays securely in place without any sausage effect." The bib is designed with wider U-shaped straps that lay flat, running up the outside of the torso. The straps start further up the bib, which testers found more comfortable because the seam didn't dig in to the bend at the torso. Testers called the chamois a "reasonable medium thickness" that was accurately placed.

The Summit Jersey was also well liked. "The fabric feels like it molds to your body," said one tester. "It was extremely comfortable."

"The styling is smart without calling too much attention to itself," said the other tester.

Both testers appreciated the longer sleeve length, which helps limit wind flap, and liked the lightweight fabric. "The jersey breathes really well, especially under the arms," said one tester.

Leg Band Longer Cut SleevesTesters liked the flattering leg gripper and long cut of the sleeves.


Jersey fit was a slight issue. "It was a bit tight across my hips, but the torso area was slightly baggy," explained one tester, who wears a size small. "It felt kind of like a scrawny guy's jersey, not a women's specific design. However, the silicone waste grip kept the bottom hem securely in place, so the jersey never rode up, even on long rides."

"I normally wear a women's medium jersey, but I think I would have benefited from a medium/large size in the Pactimo jersey," said our other tester. "For me the fit was too small at the hips. The elastic is pulled to full capacity. But the length was good, came to just below my hip bones."

The only other niggle was with the size of the neck hole. Our medium-size tester could not zip the jersey all the way up without feeling choked. She also said the jersey fabric snags easily so be careful.

Neckline Style and StorageThe neckline was a little snug, but storage space is ample.

Final Take

High marks all around for Pactimo's Women's Summit Raptor Bibshort and Summit Jersey. "Loved them both. I'd take one of these kits for every day of the week."

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: Summit Raptor Bibshort $160; Summit Jersey $100
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Meet The Testers

Elizabeth Train

Elizabeth Train believes that few things compare to great rides with great friends. While she loves to spin on gorgeous roads, it's singletrack that truly has her heart. She's also been in the bike industry for nearly a decade, working for organizations such as Bikes Belong and Boulder B-cycle, and logging loads of volunteer hours with the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance.

Lisa Sumner

Lisa Sumner's cycling career began later in life when she landed a job as the advertising coordinator for VeloNews. Lisa worked there for five years and quickly discovered a love for cycling on asphalt and singletrack. Lisa has done a handful of racing over the years, but her real passion is going out for long rides in the mountains of Colorado with good friends.