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Mixed Feelings

I've ridden Carbones since 1998. They were the only wheels I rode for 3 years. I agree that they are fast on flats and make very good time trial wheels. Last year my rear wheel, 16 spoke vintage, broke. First an eyelet broke, appeared to be corroded. Since you really can't see what's going on inside these rims, I didn't realize it was broken and just thought it had gone out of true, so I trued the wheel and put it back on the bike. The night before a century I discovered the wheel was badly out of true again but I did not have the specific nipple tool needed or an extra wheel so I opened the brake caliper and rode the century. After a closer inspection I discovered that the aluminum rim had cracked because I had tightened the nipple with the broken eyelet directly against the rim. MAVIC explained that neither the eyelet nor the rim can be replaced on the Carbones anyway. They replaced the wheel with the newer SSC version for half price. The graphics on the new rear wheel do not match the graphics on the old front wheel, the older wheels look nicer and matched the lettering on my frame. Lesson learned is to use them as race day or special events wheels only if you want them to last indefinitely. Anyway I've gotten my money's worth out of them. I agree that they are pretty heavey and as
race only wheels I would look for something lighter. I had planned to ride mine every day when I bought them (clinchers). If you consider buying preowned Carbones be sure to check to see that none of the eyelets are broken or corroded, you can't see this but when they break the eyelet will be loose. Of course you have to remove the rim tape to get to the eyelets. I rode mine in the rain a few times which my have led to the failure. My dealer says that MAVIC will replace the Carbones in 2005 with a new wheel.
Sorry if this is too long.
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