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Spunout said:
Price is not that bad, and half of the pro peleton uses them on flatter races. This is when they have Ks available also. Petachhi and the sprinters use them alot. Then again, Bettini does too. It really throws alot of our assumptions about weight out the window.

Acceleration: Petacchi won most of his sprints in last years' tours on them.
On "what the pro's use"- they use what the team sponsors and the director sportiff tell them to use. Mavic is a major sponsor to the sport and to specific teams and therefore many riders have to ride their wheels, like it or not. Often, the only varient on this rule is in the mountain stages where the non-sponsor ADA or other "dream" wheels come out. I am not saying Mavic makes bad wheels (they don't, although they tend to be much heavier and more expensive then some of their competitors), but don't base your decision in the least on what rider is using them, because unless they are Lance, they have to use sponsor's gear.

For Aero wheels, the Zipps seem like the trick to me. But I go for light wheels and box sections myself.

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