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saddle tramp said:
Sweet Mother of God. I'm just wrapping up the first 24 hours/few hundred miles or so on my new Jamis Coda Elite and what a sweet ride. I'm coming off thousands of miles on an aluminum frame/chromo fork to the 631 frame/carbon fork and it's night and day. I was thinking all the alum-steel-composite talk was a lot of hype, wrong again. The difference is having it's effect everyday, including the next day after the ride. The body is losing a fatigue factor that I hadn't been realizing was even there. Definetly will add miles to my rides.

Is composite, titanium, 853, 753, 725, 531, 525 frames, any more comfortable, smooth, than 631?
I have a 631 commuter. The 631 tubing was developed as a weldable tubeset with the characteristics of a 531 tubeset. It is air hardened so it was designed to be welded. 853 tubing is along the same lines, a progression of the 753 tubing designed to be welded. Just about any tubeset can be built into a harsh or comfortable frame. It all depends on what the intended use will be. In the case of my Soma commuter, it is a comfortable, compliant frame. I wouldn't call it responsive. IMHO, it makes the ideal commuter or tourer. Back in the day, 531 and 753 were the standards along with some offerings from Columbus and Tange. Your standard lugged frame was a 531 with the occasional 753. 753 frames were more rare since a certification is required from reynolds due to the silver brazing required. Just about any builder could braze up a 531 frame. In most cases, calling a frame 631, 853, etc is only refering to the main triangle tubing. The rear triangle is usually 725 or chromoly. Nothing wrong with that, it all figured into the otherall performance of the frame when it was conceived. Maybe once we get through the current fascination with composites, we will all get back to riding lugged steel. Can't lean an OCLV frame over at a light and turn the light.
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