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Anyone else have a terrible experiece with dealing w/ Reynolds Composites? I ordered an new DV46 back in mid March, and every thing seems dandy. Except that I didn't get it until mid May... after first telling me it'd be a couple weeks, I started calling every week, every time either getting no answer from the saleperson or a different one every time. Finally, about a month later, I found out that the shop credit card I had given them wasn't working for some reason, which is why the wheel hadn't been shipped. Would have been nice to know that a mont ago, right? Sooooo... I gave them the SAME CC # again, the one that works on EVERY other order we do, and presto, it goes through! what'da know. So, I finaly get it hooray. It's sweet, obviously. 3 weeks ago, I ordered a new sticker set for my front wheel, and there is NO sign. It needs one envelope for god's sake.

So now i get to call them again and start it all over. Great.

Ok i'm done.
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