From the beginning, the Successful Living team has penciled in stage 3, the twilight criterium at the Tour of Utah for their fast man, Argentinean Ricardo Escuela, and 'Tricki Ricky' delivered the goods.

After yesterday's stage, teammate and green jersey Brad White repeated the message 'tomorrow is more about winning the stage with Ricardo."

After 60-minute plus 3 laps around a four-corner course, the criterium in downtown Salt Lake City finished in a bunch sprint. Escuela crossed the line first followed by Fast Freddie Rodriguez (Rock Racing). Australian Jonnie Clarke (Toyota-United) was third. Yellow jersey Blake Caldwell (Garmin-Chipotle) crossed in fourth with his shadow Oscar Sevilla (Rock Racing) on his wheel.

The Garmin-Chipotle team went to the front immediately after the gun and controlled the race from start to finish. The only riders that managed to escape the argyle juggernaut for more than one lap was Ben Day (Toyota-United) and Teddy King (Bissell) who joined Day for a few laps.

But the field was all together coming in the last lap, and Escuela came out first of the final turn and powered to the finish line.

No changes in the overall general classification. The stage is set for a shoot out on Saturday's Queen stage as only 38 seconds separate 12 contenders from Caldwell. Stage 4 is the 98.1-mile (159 km) Snowbird Road Race that starts in Park City, climbs over five KOMs to the mountain top finish at Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon - a total 14,778 feet of climbing.

No changes in the other jerseys either.

Ricardo Escuela (Successful Living), stage winner

About the last lap (as translated by his teammate Alexxadro Bazzana). I was following Rock Racing pretty much all the time, there was 2 guys, Garmin and Rock Racing opened the gap, I closed it myself. I was in the front with 300 meters to go, waited a second to start sprinting, and then started sprinting in first position and kept it to the line.

Fast Freddie Rodriguez (Rock Racing), second in stage

About the last lap. I knew today was basically going to be a sprint, I almost dropped out of the race yesterday, I have a bit of a stomach virus, I was like okay, I gave it everything that I had. We did a good job getting to the last corner, there was really a lot of attacks going on, there was an attack on the backside going until the last two corners, Grajales chased it down. The Successful Living guy jumped on him and I jumped on him, came around the last corner. My teammate thought the other guy was yelling to go so he sat up, and that moment when he sat up, it caused a lull in the sprint, I'm not 100 percent so tht was just going to take the edge off me, I couldn't make up the gap and I did everything I could. I'm actually real happy having a stomach virus and getting second is not a back day.

Jonnie Clarke (Toyota-United), third in stage

About the Toyota-United plan for the crit. Basically tonight we were sure a breakaway was going to go, we didn't think it was going to be a bunch sprint. Just because the main tactics of Garmin would have been to let the break go with people that were not important in the general classification. When Ben got out there, we were trying and cover to get across to him, it wasn't really working. When it came down to a sprint, I was really struggling with the altitude but I just used kind of a bit of craft and a bit of knowing where to be and I ended up third. But Escuela was a cut above the rest tonight.

About the last turn. I was like ten back, I was behind Escuela in the back straight then I got put into the barriers, got back out and somehow salvaged it, I don't know how.

Blake Caldwell (Garmin-Chipotle), yellow jersay after stage 3

About the team plan. We definitely wanted to keep it controlled today, just from yesterday there were 13 guys that were a minute and half on GC, anyone of those riders we would make sure wouldn't get up the road. But not having a sprinter, we would have been happy to let a small group but we wanted to keep it really close, just keep an eye on it. From start to finish, we just wanted to have the whole team at the front, stay out of trouble, pace high, in the last two laps, we wanted to crank it up and if splits happen, that would be beneficial to us, there was a few there in the end I don't know if it impacted anything, but at least all of us stayed out of trouble.