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bsdc said:
I started a local bicycling club. I'd like to post ride maps on a website. I've seen a number of ride maps that show the local roads and clearly show routes of various distances. What maping software do you recommend?
Depends on your goals.

If you are just looking to draw a map and nothing more, the free mapping software on the web will do the job. Goggle maps, yahoo maps, etc.

For purchased software I use both MS Streets and Trips which can be had for less than $20.00 and I also have Delorme Topo 5.0 which generally is going to cost you at least $50.00.

The biggest limitation of MS S&T is that it's car routeing software and will only route in ways a car will drive. It won't use a bike trail, it won't go the wrong way down a one street (even if a bike is allowed to do that), it won't cut over a sidewalk, etc. It does route to low volume streets and produces useable que sheets.

The biggest limitation to DeLorme is probably it's price. It has lots of cool features, topo maps, the ability to add routable steets (aka trails), some satilite photo capability, elevation gain/loss info, etc. Those features are what you are paying for, if you don't need them it's a waste of money. I think the routeing interface in DeLorme could be improved. It's not that hard, but they could take a few tips from MS S&T. I see 6.0 has just come available, I'll be looking into it myself.

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