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My family and I were on vacation this last week. Spent time in Colorado and Utah and also in Nevada.
As we were coming home thru Nevada we were driving up through Wells and heading to Jackpot. I noticed an old road. There was a lot of it. I didn't stop to see what the surface was like but I do know that if the asphalt was really bad it could be resurfaced. Tar and Pea gravel would work since it doesn't require a ton of prep work.
I know that water out there is an issue. There have been a couple of places open way back in the past but are now gone. The buildings are there but nothing else. One was a hot springs. I don't know if that even exists anymore but you can see the advertising for it on the side of the building.
I think it would be amazing. I have no desire to ride the current road there. Way to much traffic and no shoulder. Traffic is way to fast. It isn't safe.
I think people would like it. what do you all think?
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