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So I'm getting ready for a bike trip to France (leave this Friday 6/16/06) and figure that my riding buddy and I should get some extra climbing in, so off we go, doing hill repeats of Bear Mountain.

It's about 4.3 miles, up, from the parking lot.

But to get there, we had to drive (short on time), from Manhattan, bike on roof:
View attachment 56389

And now we start, climbing. Note the pitch in the road:
View attachment 56392

My buddy Jack, doing his best impression of Jack, climbing a mountain:
View attachment 56393

Me, spinning:
View attachment 56390

Both of us, still climbing:
View attachment 56394

Requisite bike shot, at the top!:
View attachment 56395

What's that beyond the top tube? Is that the Manhattan skyline that I see? Why yes, yes it is:
View attachment 56397

So we take a breather and my legs look freaky:
View attachment 56396

And then we decide to go down. Got this at ~32mph:
View attachment 56398

This too:
View attachment 56399

At the bottom, after 4 repeats. Just a little helmet hair :p
View attachment 56400

After an effort like that, happy hour is in order :D
View attachment 56401

And the next day to relax, my gf and I had a picnic in Central Park w/ a few friends:
View attachment 56402

Great day to ride. Great weather too.

I'll be riding the Pyrenees all next week. Hopefully I'll be able to grab some good pics when I'm not huffing and puffing up the hills.
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