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<table width="700" border="0"><tr><td>Last weekend I hit Palos Verdes, rode around the perimeter of the peninsula and dropped down into San Pedro.

This week, thinking it would be cooler in PV than Malibu, and wanting to get some climbing in, I decided to head back to PV and do a few of the climbs.

Basic route: South Bay to PV, climb Via Del Monte, descend Hawthorne to PV West, take PV West/PV South to PV East, climb PV East, descend to PV North, rolling terrain back toward Redondo.

But, oh my … As soon as I started the first climb up Via Del Monte, I think the temperature went up about 20 degrees. Seriously. From a warm-but-pleasant mid-80s to upper-90s.The heat on that climb was brutal. At one point I started to get a slight chill, and it really freaked me out. Not enough to stop riding, but enough to freak me out.

Once I made it to the top I was having serious doubts about doing the second climb. But I figured I’d give it a shot. Thankfully, it wasn’t as hot on this side of the peninsula, at least not until I got to more undulating terrain on PV North.

71 miles. 3000ft of climbing.

By the time I got home I was pretty wasted. I’m burnt to a crisp in a few random places.

<hr size="0" width="650">

I've always wanted to try this little Jamaican restaurant, on Broadway in Santa Monica. One of these days …

Passing by the Third Street Promenade.

Pacific Avenue in Marina Del Rey. You can't tell from the picture, but those houses are sitting along the edge of a man-made canal.

One part of the famous Venice Canals.

Fiji Way, in the Marina.

The bike path along Ballona Creek, heading straight for my favorite bridge.

The Bridge.

My Garmin actually stayed on long enough for me to take this intimate portrait.

Cruising through Playa Del Rey/El Segundo.

Same shot, different angle. And focal length.

I barely got my camera out of my pocket to take a picture of my favorite "xing" sign. It was too tilted to even bother correcting it. More on the hang gliders later.

Redondo signage.

The Redondo police have really cracked down on cyclists rolling through stop signs. Apparently, if you don't put your foot down (in addition to coming to a complete stop), you'll get smacked with a $260 ticket. Punks. I started coming to a complete stop, but I refuse to put my foot down. That's where I, um, put my foot down.

Oh lordy. Starting the climb up Via Del Monte.

I cut across the other side of the road to take this shot. Expending even more energy. (When I'm climbing, especially, I don't stop riding to take pics.)

A few feet later, an even better view.

After making it to the top, and after an extended rest stop, I started down Hawthorne Blvd. toward PV West/South. I downed a large bottle of Gatorade and half a bottle of water and sat in this little rest area of the gas station trying not to puke. Good times.</td></tr></table>

Jerkhard Sirdribbledick
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<table width="700" border="0"><tr><td>

PV West or PV South. I'm not sure when one becomes the other.

About to hit the fun part.

More PV South.

Climbing up PV East.

The scenery was spectacular.

Still climbing.

Nice tree!

Same tree, different switchback.

No wai … more climbing?

Oh, indeed. It's hard to tell because of the haze, but that's Catalina Island in the distance.

Shade. Breeze. It was like walking into an air-conditioned room. The first time on the ride (including the rest stop at the gas station) that I was actually comfortable. Btw, new wheels on the IF. They don't make the Ksyrium SLs in silver anymore.

A view of San Pedro from the PV East descent.

I did actually stop to take these. Vincent Thomas Bridge on the left.

PV North. This is where it got super hot again. And the sun was shining right in my face. Whew!

Finally out of Palos Verdes. 20 degrees cooler at sea level, or so it seemed. I kept hoping a helicopter would land in the parking lot and take me home.

Hermosa Beach.

As promised.

Ballona Creek, from the Bridge.

Ugh. Back on L.A. streets.

I couldn’t end on that note. Ridgetop … this one's for you.

<hr size="1" width="650">
*Interesting note #1: Was cruising through Venice on Pacific — a four-lane boulevard — taking the right lane because there wasn't enough room for cars and bikes. One guy tailgates me, goes around me, then cuts me off, like, in an extreme, dangerous, threatening way. I'm drinking from my bottle, so I raise it in salute to him and keep pedaling. Then this other woman brushes by me and hits the next red light, stopping behind the first guy. I come along the right, she moves to the right to block me off. I quickly cut over to the left side of the lane, she moves to block me off again but can't do it in time. I go around the first guy. The light turns green. He brushes by me and yells at me to get off the road. Second woman brushes by me again. At this point I've ignored both of them. They get delayed at another light, then pull up two cars behind a …. police car. Whoops. I come to a stop next to the passenger window of the police car, tell them what happened and ask them to pull them over. They say they will. I ride off. The police car pulls over to let the two cars pass then swoops in behind them. They're approaching another light. Police finally turn on their lights. Second car (the one in back) pulls over. Police tell her to wait, then go get the first guy. I pull up next to the woman and just stop. She decides not to wait. I move myself in front of her car and tell her the police told her to wait. She disagrees and maneuvers around me. I decide not to press the issue, then continue on. After crossing the next intersection I ride up the police, who have pulled over the first guy. I tell them the other woman fled. They got agitated and asked if I knew which way she went. I told them exactly which way she went, they thank me, I ride off into the heatfest. I know the cops couldn’t cite either of these moreons, but I'm glad they went after them. I'm sure they got a nice little scare, at the very least. Small victories. *sigh*

Interesting note #2: After wondering how I'd manage to ride home the 25 miles or so from the coffee shop, I ended up hauling arse through Manhattan Beach and El Segundo. I pass this guy on a bike, then, half a minute later, I look back and he's caught up to me and is sucking on my wheel. I f-ing hate that. So I slow down for a little traffic jam, and as soon as I'm clear of it I stand up out of the saddle and sprint away from him. Right before one of the really curvy, technical sections of the path (which I know really, really well). And just like that, he was gone. Second week in a row I dusted some wheelsucker. Feels goooood. I know, I'm petty, right?</td></tr></table>

Jerkhard Sirdribbledick
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Hollywood said:


less asphalt, more ass. kthx
I don't want to look like a total perv.

Besides, it's not like I had a tripod out and could ask them to stand still for a few seconds.

Non non normal
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Top notch stuff as usual.

Every once in a while when the long arm of the law catches up with the car offenders it warms your soul.

Jerkhard Sirdribbledick
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Brick Tamland said:
Fantastic as always, Doctor.
Thanks, BT.

MB1 said:
Where is the June gloom?

Nothing like the hot weather showing up early to get the summer off to a rocky start.

gutfiddle said:
where's the coors light?
I'll take the drive-by kiss instead. Wait, that didn't happen either.

bigrider said:
Top notch stuff as usual.

Every once in a while when the long arm of the law catches up with the car offenders it warms your soul.
My experience with cops around here hasn't been that much better. But I have to say, when I saw them pull up behind the black-and-white, I got a little giddy.
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