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Go play in the street. :)

When you're riding forwards, the dynamics of a bicycle work to help you balance. When you are trackstanding, you get a little bit of help from technique and geometry. If you just stand rigid and try to balance on the tires, you tend to fall over pretty quick. And when pedaling backwards, everything is working against you.

Best hope (my guess only) is to set a turning radius, then adjust speed to balance falling in vs. falling out. I can't do it, but some of the couriers around here come close. But those guys trackstand no-handed, while talking on the phone and carrying a cup of coffee, so they clearly have some mojo I don't.

As an aside, David Wilson and his band of merry men at MIT attempted to build a bike with a non-steering front wheel and front wheel drive, with a rear steering wheel - essentially like sitting on our bikes backwards. Despite trying all manner of rake/angle/trail/balance configurations, they could not come up with a bike anyone could ride more than a few feet.
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