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Not that this is necessarily smart for someone dedicated to cycling and only cycling but I view the winters as a time to make up for what I neglect in the spring, summer and fall because I only bike then.

So I'll do a ton of core stuff (which actually could be considered directly related to cycling), upper body weight training and hitting the speed bag. I will sit on the trainer as long as I can stand it (which is usually only 15 min) just so I don't lose it all over the winter.

The core stuff really helps. I think no matter what you try to do in the winter you're legs won't be in mid-season form when you hit the road in the spring so it's nice to at least have a strong core when you're working your legs back into shape.

I have not tried it but quite a few of the guys I ride with swear by cross country skiing. They do it because they like it but they say it just so happens to be a great way to keep in some sort of biking shape and not be bored to tears.
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