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filly said:
Went for a group ride Sunday and hit a patch of road for a couple of miles that just boggled my mind. I questioned whether or not I was in the 1800's. This is no exaggeration when I say it was the worst road I have ever seen in my life. Usually you can pick a relatively clean line to ride, even if you have to slalom all over the place. On this road, even that was impossible. I honestly thought some part of the bike was going to break. I couldn't even sit on the saddle at some points. And what blows my mind is that this is the route chosen by the group. Maybe it's a necessary evil in that this road MUST be travelled to get from point A to B. What made it worse was that the group still tried to maintain somewhat of a paceline. I fell off the back about 10 yards so I could see the road better and at least take the smaller of the potholes.

What will regular riding in these conditions do to your components? The only that I can think of that could be damaged is your headset/headtube. I've got an integrated setup, so I think this especially would hold true. I don't even want to look inside the headtube to see what happened. I did (as I expected) have to tighted the headset when I got home. The snug adjustment I keep on the headset had rattled itself loose over that road. Probably had the cartridge bearings going clunk, clunk, clunk, against the headtube.
Since I didn't see the road you were riding, all I can say is sometimes rough roads are fun.

Watch the Belgian races in the spring. When the riders get to the pave, they all shift to a big-arse gear and hammer. That way you hit the tops of the bumps, and the pressure on the pedals reduces pressure on your saddle.

Take the opportunity to go OTF and have a good time. Wait for the guys at the end of the bad section and resume the paceline.

That help?

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