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Mike_nyc1 said:
If you have a slipped disc, herniated disc..., whatever and you've been riding for a while with it, what have the effects been?
Thanks much
I actually got into cycling because of back problems. I have two herniated disks and narrowing of the spinal column in my lower back. The things I did to stay in shape when younger (basketball, running, etc) became too hard on my back. I am able to ride with less discomfort, but it's still a problem. There are days I have to get off the bike to stretch every 30 minutes or so, but there are days when it feels great. My back definitely feels better as I ride into better shape. It helps me to spin smaller gears. The more I ride, the more flexible my back becomes, and the less sciatica I experience. I still have a bit of atrophy in one calf, but cycling has improved this dramatically.

I should say, though, that all backs are different. What helps one may hurt another. Trial and error is the only way to figure this out, I've found.

I'm not in as good shape now as I should be, but that is because I am lazy, not because of my back.
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