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Hello everyone,
I am in the market for an entry level road bike. I am a mountain biker mostly but would enjoy a bike to ride.

I am looking for an all around road bike. Nothing super agressive positiong wise but when needed that can be pushed for some interval training and a sprint triathlon during the summer (for fun). I will commute to work with the bike once in a while (5 miles) and go for random bike rides at night or with the wife.

So that being said. I need to mail order so impossible to try before or get fit on one before I buy. I am just shy of 5'11 179 cm and inseam is 33.25 84.5 cm.

From the chart I am 54 cm but when I did the pedal force fit I got a 57. Pretty much all the places I went to shop for bikes (Felt - cannondale and Giant) I was told I needed a 54.

Any opinions with my body lenght and what I want to do with the bike?

thanks in advance for the input.
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