Ridley Noah SL Disc

With a new integrated cockpit, the Ridley Noah SL Disc is now faster than ever.​

Ridley has a long tradition in the aero road bike game and the Noah SL is their flagship model. It has racked up dozens of World Tour wins, but the Belgian bike maker wanted to see if there was more speed to be had. They started by testing competitor bikes setup with the same wheelset and tires at two different wind speeds and numerous yaw angles. They also tried a number of different tube shapes and profiles.

Ridley Noah SL Disc

Hello, beautiful.​

After much testing, they found the biggest gain was from an integrated cockpit and handlebar. By slipping the cables into the bars and frame, they found gains in aerodynamic performance. The big hurdle was integrating the housing in a way that was easy to work on and didn't kink any of the cables.

Ridley Noah SL Disc Cockpit

With a front rim brake, this sleek profile is impossible to achieve.​

These changes will be available on the disc only version of the Noah SL. A rim brake version of this bike is still available, but because you can't integrate the front brake cable, they kept the standard routing.

Ridley Noah SL Disc

The only difference between the disc and non-disc versions of the Noah is the integrated cockpit and cable routing.​

Aside from moving to the integrated cockpit, the Noah SL remains unchanged.

Fenix SLX Disc

Ridley Fenix SLX Disc

The frame uses the same frame and mold as the existing Fenix SL, just a different layup.​

The Fenix is Ridley's endurance-oriented bike. It's built with all around performance in mind. The rim brake version has been used during the Spring Classics and a disc version was launched last year. For model year 2018, Ridley has revamped the carbon layup to create a lighter SLX model. Depending on size, weight savings is between 250g-300g. They've also bumped bottom bracket stiffness slightly.

Ridley Fenix SLX Disc

Aside from a small increase in bottom bracket stiffness and the massive weight savings, the Fenix and Fenix SLX models are virtually the same.​

The frame uses the same mold as the existing Fenix SL, just a different layup.

For more info, visit www.ridley-bikes.com.