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bigriderblack said:

What is the general thinking in regards to riser stems ?

I ask because I see alot of people using them but whenever I see pictures of bikes I never see them pictured unless they are designated as "comfort bikes".

Do they significantly decrease performance in more competetive events?

Just wondering
they are becoming more common, and a few things to blame for:

- carbon steer forks, which limit the amount of spacers
- TT got longer (is LeMond to blame for?) and many have to ride smaller frames
- shorter headtubes, thnx to integrated headsets and as attempt to make bikes lighter and aero
- compact frame design
- more riders with MTB background.

riser stem allows for lighter and stiffer set up (fewer spacers and shorter steer) but to some it is butt ugly. Do they significantly decrease performance? no, it isn't about bike. However it is about fit. Given the same saddle/BB/handlebar position it wouldn't matter much how you got there, using spacers, longer headtube or riser stem. So put that riser on you 'nago, make your friends laugh :D
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