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The standard WCS stem is plenty stiff. I matched that stem with a "Pro" bar for safety. I really didn't feel like changing my bars every year. I'm sure professional riders have their bars changed a few times every year. That's how they can get away with using very lightweight parts. If you don't race and don't ride very hard often, the WCS bar will probably last a few years before it snaps and you fall, screaming to the pavement.(Soon to be run over by that SUV driver who is on the phone, and picking his ear.)
A big fat DITTO here.

The WCS bar is made with some seriously soft alum... it scored very low in a German strength test... and can be easily crimped by stem bolts that are mildly overtightened. I have personal experience with the crimping. I replaced my crimped bar with a Ritchey OS Pro and (assuming not a placebo effect) I find it to be noticeably stiffer than the WCS.

I'm perfectly happy with my WCS stem. But larger riders should prolly stay away from the WCS bar.
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