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I tried looking in the past posts for this answer but found none.....

I have a new bike (2 months) with Rival (converted from Ultegra), just recently I have been experiencing a bit of "chatter" from the chain. I took this as chain stretch and went about adjusting it out. So now in the small and large cog its fine so the limits settings are still good, shifting from cog to cog is fine, but I still get a bit of "chatter" in the middle cogs (4,5,6).

Any suggestions from the brain trust?


BTW: really enjoying the SRAM package crisp positive shifting, good braking all around solid so far.

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What did you adjust? Did you touch the B-tension (rear facing) screw?

I start with the chain on the smallest cog, adjust the H stop until the pulleys are centered, back out the barrel adjuster to take up any cable slack, then try shifting to a larger cog. If it hesitates shifting I back the barrel adjuster out 1-2 clicks and try the shift again until it works properly. Then I shift 1 at a time to the largest cog checking the shift action with each move. At the large cog I confirm that I can't push the derailleur beyond the cog and adjust the L limit screw as necessary. Then I shift 1 at a time back to the smallest cog and screw in the barrel adjuster 1 click at a time if needed to speed the shift. The pulleys should line up directly underneath the cog.

The B-tension screw should be adjusted so that there is approx. 6mm between the tip of the cog teeth and the top pulley teeth.
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