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Been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks but keep forgetting. Just before the start of the race, I saw an RBR jersey. Just wondering what you thought of the race and how you did.

I tried the masters race with the new long course. It was beastly hard from the gun. We hit the first climb at 9 or 10 miles just after turning on to the new loop. It was 3.5 miles long. It wasn't as steep as it was long, but we did "big ring it" most of the way up...if you're going fast enough, anything's hard. I stayed with the group over that climb but got popped off on the last hill before we got back to the highway (about 25 miles to go). Unfortunately, my wife was waiting at the top of the climb to the finish (a cat. 1 that averages 7% for 8 miles) so failure was not an option.

Since I'm a cat. 4 and had the option of the short course, I was mentally cursing every rider I met who had already finished and was riding back.
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