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Now, I understand that Ritchey doesn't normally give sizing advice on here. I totally get it - it's very individual.

But, I'm in the unfortunate situation that I live in a country with absolutely no Ritchey dealers. My only option is purchasing the Road Logic frame I have my eyes set on throught the internet.
That makes actually trying a bike somewhat complicated.
I have been eyeing that bike for years, but I've been afraid of pulling the trigger, since I cant find a place to try it out.

I can either convince my local LBS to start importing and selling Ritchey or I can ask here. And you guys don't have a vested interest in making me buy a frame that doesn't fit. So please bear with me.

I hope some of you guys, who actually ride the bikes, can help me find the right size. I don't want to buy the wrong frame, and if there's no such thing as a Ritchey Road Logic size that fits me, I'll have to look for something else. That is not out of the question - as long as it's steel.

I'm a small guy, I ride small bikes. I'm 5'5 and my inseam is 28".

I have a Giant TCX SLR 2 cross bike, in a size S. The reach on that thing is 370mm. Fits me fine, but it is obviously not as aggressive a geometry as a road bike.

I also have an Bianchi with C2C geometry. The reach on that one is 379. Feels a bit long to me. I don't remember the exact size, but I think it's a 53.

My question is; what frame size should I be looking at for the Ritchey Road Logic. The size 49, or 51?

Or are they simply too big for me and my apparently limited flexibility?

Thanks in advance. :)

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Thank you guys for taking the time to help out. I appreciate it.
The standover height of the Giant is 29.8 inches. That seems to be around 750mm. It's not uncomfortably crushing my man parts, so I might have measured my inseam incorrectly. I even used a book and a wall! If we consider my inseam 30", does that help my cause? I would just need a short stem and some spacers on the 49? And a lot of seatpost showing... Doesn't seem ideal.

Let med post up the geometry specs from Giant's site:
Size: S/50
Head Angle: 71.0°
Seat Angle: 73.5°
Top Tube: 53.0 cm
Reach: 37.0 cm
Head Tube: 13.0 cm
Stack: 54.0 cm
Chain Stay: 43.0 cm
Wheel Base: 101.4 cm
Standover Height: 29.8"
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