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RoadBikeReview group ride - August 3rd - 9am, Palo Alto VA

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Whew, July flew by and I forgot to get this up. I hope everyone can come out and join us! :)

Same meeting place (Palo Alto VA parking lot), Same meeting time (9 am).

Same general route. Francois will lead the 'A' group through Huddert while the rest of the ride goes through the maze and get a head start on Canada.

The ride usually breaks up into two groups (possibly three depending on riders) with multiple regroups.

Here's the map of the VA parking lot and where to meet.

Last month's groupshot
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Wifey and I had a lot of fun today! Great ride even with Mother Nature blowing us a 95 MPH x-wind kiss on Canada!

tango is a GREAT guy to sit behind if you ever need to duck out of the wind!!
Jill said she wants to thank everyone for encouraging her to stick with it on the ride, and not head home to do homework! She said everyone was really nice, and she can't wait for the next ride!
1 - 3 of 65 Posts
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