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RoadBikeReview group ride - August 3rd - 9am, Palo Alto VA

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Whew, July flew by and I forgot to get this up. I hope everyone can come out and join us! :)

Same meeting place (Palo Alto VA parking lot), Same meeting time (9 am).

Same general route. Francois will lead the 'A' group through Huddert while the rest of the ride goes through the maze and get a head start on Canada.

The ride usually breaks up into two groups (possibly three depending on riders) with multiple regroups.

Here's the map of the VA parking lot and where to meet.

Last month's groupshot
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4 days!! I'm 50/50 in making this (if no one needs emergency care).
sometimerider said:
Ok, TC was kind enough not to mention this, so I guess I have to.

On the way back to SCruz county (the Coopers were kind enough to give me a lift), Steve noticed a wheel go flying back off the roof of his car. After a subsequent panic stop and cars behind us (on the freeway) going every which way, Steve ran back and retrieved the wheel (with the help of a car that had stopped behind us). It turned out to be the almost new Roval wheel from K's review Spec. Ruby Expert...

And (here's the neat part), there was nothing that I could spot wrong with the wheel. Ok, the tire was probably scuffed. I guess the makes this review test more thorough than most.

And who was the miscreant who mis-mounted that wheel? That would be me - apparently incompetent at tightening a skewer.

Anyway, it was a fine ride (and thanks for the post ride refreshments) - just had to add a little excitement on the wrap-up.
wow.. that must have been exciting eh?
1 - 3 of 65 Posts
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