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RoadBikeReview group ride - August 3rd - 9am, Palo Alto VA

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Whew, July flew by and I forgot to get this up. I hope everyone can come out and join us! :)

Same meeting place (Palo Alto VA parking lot), Same meeting time (9 am).

Same general route. Francois will lead the 'A' group through Huddert while the rest of the ride goes through the maze and get a head start on Canada.

The ride usually breaks up into two groups (possibly three depending on riders) with multiple regroups.

Here's the map of the VA parking lot and where to meet.

Last month's groupshot
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ah, forgot to add the route...

here ya go.

Francois will lead a little detour before canada for riders looking for a bit of a challenge, but the rest of the ride is fairly mellow.
Dr_John said:
I'll be there. And as a public service announcement there's some crap (white porcelain?) in the bike lane on Junipero Serra just north of Page Mill that probably won't be cleaned up by Sunday. As I road through it today, I thought to myself, whew, thank goodness that wasn't glass. I flatted anyways.

Hmm... I wonder if some kind soul would go out there prior to sunday with a big broom and brush it away... :)
CrankyMonkey said:
Can we do two rides a month now that the SVCC ride is getting moved to Thursday mornings?
If there's enough interest, i wouldn't mind running a second one on the 16th or 17th this month. And Al's ride is planned for the 24th.
velogirl said:
Thien, when's the september ride?
Tentatively the 6th or the 7th... Is this your way of saying you're not going to be coming out sunday?? :(
pineapplebob in the house! :thumbsup:
Cruzer2424 said:
Looks fast... heh.
Like Cruzer...

you coming tomororw?
francois said:
No photos

Not good with names, so please help me fill in the blanks...

Eddy puttin the hurt on Gregg...

The "B" group on Portola

_____________ and Ninh

The "A" group after Huddert...

John and Ken
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George, Francois, Derek, Coop, Eddy, and Alex at Roberts

Jill, _____, ______, Pineapplebob, and Tango at Roberts also

Post-Ride at the VA

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Dr_John said:
Thien- those a pretty good quality photos for that little thing you had. Heck, I'd even carry one of those. What was it? :)
It was a canon sd1000 - it's not the BEST quality wise, but good enough and small enough to bring on rides.
kdown said:
Hey, are these rides on a repeatable/predictable schedule? My brother, Jeff, and I had so much fun we want to do it again. If we start planning now perhaps he can fly down from Bellingham, WA in Oct?


We do at least one every month, we try to do this specific ride the first Sunday in each month, so it'd be October 5th. We'd love to have him come down and ride again. :thumbsup:
francois said:
Here's the test carbon clogs.
Blanc is THE color...

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