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RoadBikeReview group ride - August 3rd - 9am, Palo Alto VA

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Whew, July flew by and I forgot to get this up. I hope everyone can come out and join us! :)

Same meeting place (Palo Alto VA parking lot), Same meeting time (9 am).

Same general route. Francois will lead the 'A' group through Huddert while the rest of the ride goes through the maze and get a head start on Canada.

The ride usually breaks up into two groups (possibly three depending on riders) with multiple regroups.

Here's the map of the VA parking lot and where to meet.

Last month's groupshot
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I'm there.

Everybody stop waffling and show up :p.

thien said:
Like Cruzer...

you coming tomororw?
He'll be there. He wants to see my new Bont shoes. They're baking in the oven right now.

That was the best! No photos but a lot of test bikes and a lot of folks to put the hammer down and hang out at the rear.

Good day!

thien said:
Niice!! That makes up for you wankers being late. Well, that and the cold drinks.

pineapplebob said:
A fond aloha to all you folks - especially D for picking me up and FC for letting me take the wife's bike for a little spin. Had a great time and hope to join you all again next time. Sorry again to the guy I passed on the dh after Huddart - didn't mean to high five the driver on that right hander and scare you in the process...aaah speed...
Damm, you were performing a pass? I was looking for your carcass on the the right hand bends. Kings Mountain from the top is the greatest descent in the area but missing those corners come at a very high price.

Glad you could make the ride. We know how to party on the road rides too.

thien said:

Not good with names, so please help me fill in the blanks...

Eddy puttin the hurt on Gregg...
Gregg is on the rivet and is on a spot of bother as Eddy pedals in anger.

Dr_John said:
Thanks all. I had fun as always. Nice to see the new faces, as well as the regulars.
I was in great difficulty yesterday and had to sleep the rest of the day. It was worth it though. I like drafting behind big people.

Get a real job Dr_John and stop this daily training.

We had test bikes, a test car and test shoes on that ride. I better see some reviews on that swag!

Here's the test carbon clogs.

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

1 - 8 of 65 Posts
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