After a decade or two with the old Vbulletin software, RoadbikeReview has been updated with a new forum and publishing system. This moves us from a familiar and unsupported software to a full-featured forum system.

Change is never easy but this one will be a lot more usable after one gets familiar with it. some highlights are:
  • a lot more readable
  • stable and consistent under load
  • better spam tools
  • works much better with photos, galleries, videos and outside links
  • mobile compatible
  • email and push notifications available
  • ability to 'like' threads. Best threads can be bubbled up to the top
  • Best threads will show up on the home page of the site.
  • very easy to see the authors and follow them and gain context.
  • tons and tons more and only three free easy payments....

Onward and skyward!!!

Francis Cebedo and Josh Patterson of Roadbikereview

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