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RoadBikeReview Ride Sponsored by Integrate Performance Fitness July 27th

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On Sunday July 2tth, Al and Jamii from Integrate Performance Fitness will be leading a joint RoadBikeReview and Integrate Performance Fitness ride starting from their Studio.

Check out the details below.. A new route, and tour specific games should make this ride quite fun! :thumbsup:

- We're opening the doors at 8am for coffee, bagels, fruit, etc.
- Paul and Phil on the tube live from France!
- riding position evaluations: we'll do this on a trainer to check joint angles, any areas of aches and pain people may have, etc for anyone interested. It won't be a fitting, we'll check how people are moving, and make suggestions where we can.

Post Ride:
- people can shower if they'd like
- post ride snacks for recovery!
- drinks
- a 10-15 minute foam roller + flexibility session. If people have a foam roller, they should definitely bring it.
- fitness evaluations to check for areas of aches/pains, muscle imbalances
- and of course Tour de France coverage in an air conditioned building

a. L Del Medio
b. L on Los Altos Ave
c. R on Edith
d. Cross Foothill
e. L on Fremont
f. R on Robleda
g. ***OPTIONAL R on Purissima to Arastradero to Page Mill to Arastradero
h. R on Elena
i. L on Taafe
j. R on Altamont to Page Mill
k. R on Page Mill
l. L on Arastradero
m. L on Alpine
n. R on Portola
o. L on Whiskey Hill
p. L on 84 towards Woodside
q. R on Canada
r. L on Olive Hill
s. R Albion
t. R Manuella
u. R Kings
v. L Tripp to 84
w. 84 back to Portal
x. R on Portola
y. L on Alpine
z. R on Arastradero
aa. L on Page Mill
bb. R on Arastradero
cc. R on Purissima
dd. Left on Robleda
ee. R on Chapin
ff. L on Burke
gg. L on Foothill
hh. R on Edith
ii. L on Los Altos Ave
jj. R on El Camino
kk. L on Del Medio
ll. R on Fayette
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I don't recall but, sans the optional route, is this route the same as the last ride? 45-ish miles again?

Crap, I'm out... the wife just informed me that I have other plans in Fairfield!

All this NOT riding is not helping my training for the Waves to Wine Ride coming up in September!! :mad2:
Leopold Porkstacker said:
LOL, I have plans in stinky sweaty miserable Fairfield the day before!
But does your wife want you to move out there like mine does?!?! ACK!!!

And I work in downtown SF so I'd never get to ride my bike again. I'd be in traffic for the rest of my life! UGH!
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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