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Oh, you want details?

Miss M was having foot problems (she runs a lot too) so we decided to try the Rocket 7 custom fit shoes.

Following their instructions the foot mold was easy to make. A few weeks later her shoes showed up. They fit her really well and were very light. The first long ride we did with them was on a super hot summer day (over 100 degrees) and her feet were on fire by the end. She decided that these were not the shoes to wear on really hot days-otherwise they were fine.

After a year the shoes were pretty well worn out (say 15K miles) and her foot problems had gone away. We could have saved some money by ordering another pair before they disposed of her original molds (they keep them for a year) but Miss M decided that although they were fine shoes another pair was just not worth the price.

She is using Lake and Sidi shoes now.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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