Bend, OR - ROCKTAPE, the recently-introduced performance tape designed to help endurance athletes manage fatigue, was worn by over 50 cyclists competing at the Cascade Classic and USA Cycling's Junior, U23 and Elite National Championships in Bend, Oregon this past week.

Capitalizing on the recent success at USA Cycling's Junior Track Nationals, Rocktape has become the cycling community's preferred choice for endurance tape. "ROCKTAPE is designed to promote better blood flow, lymph drainage and lactic acid removal and reduces muscle vibration, all of which combine to help athletes manage fatigue," said Greg van den Dries, CEO of ROCKTAPE. "Our Power Taping Protocol enhances performance via specialized skin stimulation, and the protocol definitely had the intended effect for the athletes. With the unusually high temperatures in Bend this past week, the cyclists needed extra help managing fatigue, and Rocktape provided that extra boost."

ROCKTAPE ROCKSTARS included Tejay Van Garderen, Coryn Rivera, Shelley Olds, Kendall Ryan, Dominique van den Dries, Ruth Winder, Zoe Frazier, Daniel Farinha, Andrew Lanier Jr., Cody Tapley, John Tomlinson, Jordan Cullen, Broderick Hartley and Matthew Valencia.

"I got a chance to talk with many of the racers while they were being taped, and everyone commented on how well organized everything has been. Chad Sperry and his team deserve special recognition for making the Cascade Classic and USA Cycling Junior, U23 and Elite Nationals such great events," said van den Dries. "I'd also like to give a shout out to Dave Trowell for his informative and enjoyable announcing."

The ROCKTAPE team will be holding a Power Taping Protocol seminar in Los Gatos on August 18. Sports therapists interested in attending the seminar should contact [email protected]

ROCKTAPE is available online at, and at leading running and cycling shops. ROCKTAPE comes in 7 different colors and styles and costs $20 per roll. Team discounts are available. Contact [email protected] for more info.