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I have finally finished my new bike. It is a Rocky Mountain Solo CR70 Custom. The custom means a custom paint job.
I have posted this before, but the photo was bad and the bike was incomplete.
The frame is made of columbus carbon
The Wheels are Ksyrium ES
Dura Ace Groupo
Easton seatpost, bars, and stem
Sella San Marco ASPide seat.
Total weight is 16.7 lbs.

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let me be the first to say...

that is a very, very nice looking bike.

Cannot bench own weight
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The way the stem / bars / shifters are positioned it looks like the pitch of a house roof. Have you done a lot of miles riding on the hoods? My wrists are sore just looking at it :)

takmanjapan said:
Was it made in Vancouver? I have a 1988 Turbo custom (Derek Bailley) that was pretty sweet. Hope yours rides nice too.


This is a "real" Derek Bailey !! :)

I had Derek build this for me in either 1984 or 1985 ( I think 1985).

There is a Rocky Mountain Turbo Sc frameset hanging from the rafters at La Bicicletta in Vancouver that I keep looking at - maybe someday soon ....
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