RockyMounts is branching out beyond roof and hitch racks to home storage solutions to keep your bike safe when stored in your garage. The new WallRide and WallRide+ are designed to hold the heaviest bikes, including portly e-bikes, and the heavy-duty steel construction should make bike thieves look for easier targets.

RockyMounts WallRide Highlights
  • 100lb / 45kg weight limit
  • TPU hanging peg won't damage rims
  • 10mm square-link security chain included with the WallRide+
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Available in black powder-coated and stainless steel finishes
  • WallRide: $39.95
  • WallRide Stainless Steel: $69.95
  • WallRide+ : $99.95
  • WallRide+ Stainless Steel : $149.95

RockyMounts WallRide+ Review
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It's no secret that bike thefts have been on the ride for the last 24-months. RockyMounts' aim in entering the bike storage market was to build something that could store bikes securely with a high level of theft deterrence.

“With the value of bicycles at an all-time high, thieves are targeting bicycles in garages, and locking your bicycle inside is now a necessary evil. After we read the hundredth story about a rider waking up to an empty garage, we started working on the WallRIde+ to provide both commercial-level quality and security. There are some good home storage solutions available, but none that have the level of theft deterrence in the WallRide+” said RockyMounts owner, Bobby Noyes.
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As e-bikes get more popular, there's also a need for bike storage systems that can hold heavier bikes. The WallRide is up for the challenge with a maximum weight limit of 100lb/45kg.

RockyMounts offers the WallRide in two versions and two finishes. The standard WallRide is the most affordable at $39.99. The WallRide+ (tested here) retails for $99.99 and includes a 10mm-thick chain encased in a nylon sleeve that resembles Kryptonite's New York Chain. Both models come in a black, powder-coated finish as well as a more expensive bead-blasted stainless steel (SS) finish.

I mounted the WallRide+ in my garage. Installation is straightforward. RockyMounts includes sturdy wall anchors. In most cases, the strength of the studs or concrete will determine the weight capacity of the WallRide system.
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The ball bearings included with the mounting kit can be pressed or hammered into the lag bolt heads, making removal via Allen keys nearly impossible.

Compared to the $1.98 rubber-coated Home Depot hooks many of us to store our bikes, the WallRide system is significantly more expensive. It's also more resistant to theft and more durable. I found it much easier to hang wheels on RockyMounts' TPU-coated arm and, unlike the two-dozen cheap rubberized hooks that adorn the walls of my garage, the TPU material won't split, exposing the steel underneath, which can scratch expensive carbon rims.
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Currently, the WallRide's arm is designed to work with everything from road rims to wide mountain bike rims, but it won't clear 100mm-wide fat bike rims. It's likely we'll see an optional fat bike upgrade down the road.

RockyMounts WallRide+ Verdict
The WallRide and WallRide+ systems are well-built and provide a robust buy-and-be-done storage solution. The steel mounting bracket and 10mm-thick square-link chain provide a high level of theft deterrence. In my opinion, the three-foot chain included with the WallRide+ is a nice option if you're starting from scratch. If you already have a sturdy U-lock or chain lock and are looking to save some money it's not worth the upgrade over the standard WallRide.