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Today I climbed up to Skyline just east of 17 and then turned north. The big slide about a mile east of Mt McPherson has one lane open. IIRC the whole width of the road slid out, and so to make a lane they have cut into the embankment on the uphill side. There's a fair amount of construction gear up there, but I don't know whether the final plan is to restore the road to its previous grade.

About 1/2 mile west of there the road is closed altogether, as in spanned by a chain-link fence, for some other work. I was not aware of a slide at this point, but the winter must have made things sketchy.

I was able to go around the closure by taking Skyline Trail for about 1/2 mile. The trail surface is mostly hard sand, interrupted here and there by rough bedrock or tree roots. I was glad to have wide-ish tire on my bike.

I descended Highway 9, which has a single-lane section controlled by a traffic light with what seemed to be an awfully long cycle. Overall a very nice ride, if you don't mind the stops and detours. Traffic on that part of Skyline has never been very heavy, and now it is somewhat lighter due to the closure.
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