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It certainly is a good deal if extraordinarily low spoke count wheels are suitable for your application. This would be either a specific racing application (ask your mechanic) or for the purposes of showing off very handsome wheels.

Low spoke count, "botique," wheels are especially nice going up hills, although there is always greater chance of wobble on downhills, greater chance of losing a race due to breakage, and greater chance of instability on corners. They do give greater speed. Low spoke count wheels are more application specific. Verify that the specialty wheels match the application.

For a more durable approach, Botranger Race Lite holds up for your training and touring needs while turning in remarkably better performance than the common Alex econo-racers. High durability wheels stand up to more sprint power and harder cornering. There's less chance of equipment failure during a race and there's less maintenance.

The Rol SL28 is a shining example of its type of wheel; but, do you need that type of wheel?

*All in my opinion.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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