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Rolf Vigor Experience

bugleboy said:
Does anybody have any experience with the Rolf Prima Vigor wheels?
Yes, I bought a pair of 2004 Rolf Vigors with the rear RS for heavier riders (200#+, I am 210)) which weigh 1490 grams as a pair and are fantastic. They are laterally very stiff, much more so than Bontrager RaceXLites they replaced and they are more vertically compliant. I think this anomaly comes from them causing my carbon fork, chain stays and seatstays to actually absorb and damp more of the energy from road imperfections rather than set up a two-way wheel hit/deform, frame absorb/rebound action but who knows. I just know they have been the best buy I ever made in cycling.

I have used them for commuting 57 miles over tough roads; for a half century and then a century ride; and for criteriums. They have been totally reliable and stable. I live at the top of a 1/2 mile, 14% grade hill and in dozens of coast down tests, I got 1+ mph gain in top speed compared to RaceXLites and to Ritchey Pro Deep Section wheels. Whether it's the bearings and/or the deep section (34 mm), I don't know but they are better.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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