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I recently bought a used crankset that came off a Cervelo, with a pressed in BB race.
(not be confused, in the pics below, where you will see the new BB cups, which did not come with the crank)

Problem: The crank came with a "lock ring" inside the LEFT side of the RIGHT crank arm.
See attached pics below - ts the one with the holes drilled in.
(Note: its not the 24mm keeper ring that holds in the bolt extractor bolt)

This ring seems to be a filler (when using pressed in bearings) and is removable.
I'm guessing it screws in/out. Or is this ring pressed in?

Once removed, its appears that a normal External BB cup will fit inside the right crank arm.

What tool do I need to get this out?
I tried my usual lock ring pliers, but without luck

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Thanks for the help!

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Figured it out. Its pressed in, possibly at the factory as a one-off for Cervelo.
(I suspect there is no tool for this)

Removing it required some McGyver'ing.

Bolted the crank to my workbench, through the middle, where the hex wrench goes
Attached a pedel, so it hung over the edge of the table and would stop rotation.
Put a set of needle nose pliers in the holes
Then put a 3 foot bar through the pliers to apply torque.

Even then it took a few hip checks on the bar. I'm 6'3" and 210 lbs, so thats a hell of a lot of torque on a 3 foot bar.
It still turned 3 times before it finally came loose and popped out.

15 min later the crank was mounted on my Klien Quantum Race.
Now if only I could go for a ride.....its minus 20 C outside. sigh.
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