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I thought I was fixed on the Roubaix until I rode the RS and Roubaix back to back. Not talking bad about the Roubaix, but the first time I rode it it really didn't do much for did not feel any more 'plush' or vibration dampenign than my 2006 AL/CF Lemond. I thought maybe it was just a bad test ride. Then last Saturday I rode the Cervelo RS (with same tire pressure as Roubaix - 120psi) and the Roubaix back to back...omg what a difference. The RS literally soaked up everything and was stiff and fast as h*ll. I am test riding the RS again tomorrow and the lbs is letting me take it on a 40 mile ride Saturday with the shop (talk about customer service). If I get the same sensation as I did last Saturday, it looks like the Roubaix (along with my wallet) loses....
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