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Roubaix or Tarmac

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I am new to road biking and am not sure which bike to get.

I have been Mountain biking for many years

Looking at Specialized Carbon fiber. Roubaix and Tarmac elites are in my price range (~$1500 for some 05 closeouts).

The Tarmac is more of a racing geometry with a double up front. It felt like it really carved turns. I don't think I am good enough shape for a double in the CA bay area hills.

The Roubaix has pretty laid back geometry and felt really comfy. It comes with a tripple. I tried the roubaix first and thought it felt fine. Then I tried the Tarmac around the same corner, I immediately thought "Wow! This thing loves to corner". It was night and day in the cornering department. It reacted better to leaning then much turning of the bars. But I am told the Roubaix would be more comfy.

Both were much smoother of a ride than I expected out of a road bike. They say it's a combo of the carbon and these things called Zertz inserts in the forks, seat stays and seatpost. The shop said the Tarmac would be good for anything under 40 miles. Above that, or for rough roads, they recommend the Roubaix.

I don't get it... Does the geometry have more to with what is comfy? or is it setup? including stem length, etc?

Seems like I could play with setup on the Tarmac so it is comfy for recreational riding and then set it up for a more aggressive stance if I felt like it.

Really not sure which way to go... Both are the same price with the same componentry level.

Any advice?
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