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Cycling induced anoesis
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BenH said:
Thanks. Just curious how the Tarmac handles over rougher pavement. The roads around here aren't exactly horrible but my tolerance for saddle punishment has dropped a bit. I used to race and still like the way a race bike handles. I know the Tarmac's used to have a bit of a harsh ride reputation (not compared to other race bikes perhaps).
If you're on the fence regarding the Tarmac, I suggest riding a couple of models. That IME is the best way to determine preferences. Also, I'm of the opinion that geometry, tire pressure and wheelset (among other factors) have as much bearing on ride quality as the frame material/ design itself, so if you decide to test ride the Tarmac, estmate the PSI based on your weight and road conditions. Most riders overinflate their tires.

Lastly, if you don't require the added stiffness of the higher end Tarmacs and are willing to forego a couple of lbs., the Elite and Comp models are IMO/E great bikes for the price.
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