Redlands, Calif. - Continuing with its core mission of promoting Health, Diversity, and Environment the 2010 Redlands Bicycle Classic will feature another great partnership, this time with the community minded folks at R.U.F.F. (Redlands Unleashed Fidos & Friends) that are working hard to raise money to build and subsequently maintain the Redlands Dog Park. The partnership culminated in the form of the 'RUFF Ride', a series of three different rides (varying distances) that will challenge all comers, to be held in conjunction with the Redlands Bicycle Classic Saturday March 27th.

"We are thrilled to be working with the Redlands Bicycle Classic to organize and host the public fun ride! Our two groups share many of the same community minded principles & we look forward to a 'win-win' relationship for many years to come," says Elizabeth Kulbin, Coordinator for the RUFF Ride and RUFF Spokeswoman.

More than just a public fun ride, the RUFF Ride has a furry friend minded creativity associated with it. Instead of SAG stops, stations where riders gather for food, water, and encouragement along the route, the RUFF Ride will feature WAG stops, to pay homage to mans' best friend. The good folks of RUFF went so far as to name the ride that all the 'big dogs' will be doing the 'K-9 Hills 52 Mile Challenge', a catchy tribute to our furry friends that refers to the nine climbs that are featured along the route.

"Our partnership with RUFF is yet another example of our efforts to add value to the community. We are very pleased that they stepped up to host our public ride in conjunction with our pro bike race, helping us stay true to our core values," says Dan Rendler, Race Director, speaking to both groups' goals of bettering the community.

For RUFF that goal is raising money and awareness to build and maintain the Redlands Dog Park, a project that RUFF hopes to break ground on by the summer of 2010. For more information on the RUFF Ride and the 2010 Redlands Bicycle Classic powered by Loma Linda University PossAbilities presented by San Manuel Band of Mission Indians go to or visit to sign up.

For more information, including race times, distances, and volunteer opportunities, visit