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Miss M and I got to talking on todays ride about how easy it is to ride out of DC and within just 5 miles or so it seems you are way out in the country (of course it helps to have a 184 mile long bicycle friendly National Park start just a mile from the house).

I think that is one of the reasons we haven't ever gotten bored with riding here. Most of our rides are either crazy city stuff or some kind of rural/wilderness thing. None of those nasty 'burbs and strip malls for us! :thumbsup:

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We enjoyed a cornucopia of empty farm roads, dirt climbs and the tow path enlivened with just a touch of rain (good thing it held off till we cleared the last of the dirt).

Man I love riding here! :thumbsup:

:idea: Actually, come to think of it I just flat out love riding. :blush2:

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Very nice as usual. Everytime I see those relatively empty roads I get jealous. I guess I could head out into the desert but unlike you guys I don't have anything to look at out there. I'm always jealous.

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Arby said:
Awesome photos.
Makes me wish I had my cross bike.
And dirt roads.

I'll point out that we were just riding our regular road bikes with road slicks.

It is only dirt, not any big deal.

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quattrotom said:
...Can you share your route? ....
Google Maps is your friend.

Take the Tow Path from Georgetown to Rileys Lock (or heck, you could park at Rileys lock).
Rileys Lock Road to a left on River Road.
Right on West Willard.
Left on Westerly.
Right on Edwards Ferry Road which after a while will become Wasche Road.
Right on West Hunter Road.
Right on MD28 Darnestown Road.
Left on Beallsville Road.
Left on Big Woods.
Right on MD28 Dickerson Road (lots of traffic on this one :( ).
Right on Park Mills.
Left on Lily Pons Road which after a while will become Oland Road.
Right on New Design Road.
Left on Crestwood Blvd (you are now in Frederick MD) and find something to eat.
After eating a fine second breakfast continue on Crestwood Blvd.
Left on Ballenger Creek Pike.
Left on Mountville Road.
When Mountville Road ends do a quick Right on New Design and a Left onto Oland (which will become Lily Pons Road).
Right on Crissford Road (which we had never been on before).
U-Turn when the road ends on private property. :eek:
Right on Lily Pons Road.
Left on Park Mills Road.
Right on Mt. Ephraim Road which will become dirt after you start to climb.
Left on Comus Road which will become paved after a while.
Hard Right on Mt. Ephraim Road at a 5 way intersection.
Right on Mouth of Monocacy Road.
Left onto the dirt Tow Path at the parking lot.
Left off of the Tow Path at the next public parking lot (you will pass a private parking lot at the Dickerson Power Plant where you cannot exit).
Left on Martinsburg Road.
Right on Wasche Road (which after a while will become Edwards Ferry Road) at a "Y" intersection.
Left on West Offutt Road.
Straight onto Mt. Nebo Road which will eventually become River Road (W Offutt Road turns left).
Right onto Rileys Lock Road (where you may or may not have parked).
Left onto the dirt Tow Path.
Exit in Georgetown and ride home after a nice meal at Pizzeria Paradiso.

200k or 80m if you parked at Rileys Lock.
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