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Take cloverdale south to avoid hwy 1. There is a fair of bicycle traffic along hwy 1 so you shouldn't feel all alone and in hte afternoon you will have a tailwind southbound. It should really kick up your speed. You do not need to climb bonny doon to get to downtown Santa Cruz. Just continue on along hwy 1 and you'll come right into town. Have fun, the weather will cooperate ( have some arm warmers along if you plan to drop to the other side of hwy35 on the early side.) and you'll want to do it again sometime soon.

Hwy 35 is an option southbound, but you'll see more up and down when heading south. it is fairly well traveled and some would say more dangerous due to the curves and rice rockets.

Both options are regularly traveled bicycle routes.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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